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GRA: The Biotech Consultancy

GreyRigge Associates or GRA is a biotech consultancy company that works internationally helping both small and large biopharmaceutical companies to develop their medicines. GRA offers both technical and commercial support for biotech products such as vaccines, cell therapies, monoclonal antibodies, gene therapies and diagnostics.

GRA offers both consultancy and training services to clients covering CMC, process and analytical development, formulation of biologics and pre-clinical and clinical assay development.  GRA also have experience in product characterisation and supporting the CMC elements of regulatory submissions and interactions.  GRA applies QbD practices to processes, advising on appropriate use of DoE.   Please contact GRA on how we might help.

Meet Lee, the Principal consultant of GRA

Lee founded GRA in 2010 and has a passion for biotech & data driven results.  GRA’s aim is to help companies, or more specifically, their people drive programs forward, achieve objectives and grow the business.

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A history of success

Process development – including process design, optimisation through to validation

“Lee’s vast experience in CMC aspects helped us to make the right decisions at critical stages of the project”

Dr. Matthias Mullner
Head of Manufacturing and Quality
Themis Bioscience GmbH

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Gene Therapy For Rare Disorders

posted by: Lee Smith posted on: July 24, 2019 categories: Biologics, Development, gene therapy

Of the many medical breakthroughs over the past three decades, few have been as promising as gene therapy. Unlike traditional treatments which seek to treat or manage diseases, or disorders by introducing agents outside the body, gene therapy uses the body itself to fight off such conditions.